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hey peoples! by the way, to the people that are curious, 143 means i love you in some jibberish form. well right now, i'm home alone with my dad's like "trusted" friend. He's like fixing some things in our house. Yup! i dont know what it is. For some reason, I don't have anything to say at all when i log on and update my journal. Hey did you guys see my myspace yet? wanna see? otai!


ok this url was noy made by me. It was made by my friend. So anyway i'll talk to you guys later? bye! 143
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You have plenty of things to talk about, just put what you put on your myspace. You put entries on your myspace, so you can just copy and paste it on your livejournal.
good idea.
Thanx. :D
Okay. First of all, 'CJ,' I love you, is not 143. It is 831. Because 831 is eight letters, three words, one meaning. 143 does not mean that. Maybe a sexual term that I have not heard of yet (very unlikely). But not "I love you".
yes it does!
hey Carla i finaly got a my space!!! my name is Jenna so call me that on my, MS!!ok thanxs!!so add my to you're friends on you're MS!!kk!!!bye
why did you write:(Your Best Physical Feature: my butt, my legs)??? no one wants to know that........
hehe! trying to be honest!
ok... sure .... what ever.....XD
i luv you