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hiya! its on!

hey people! finally i get chance to be on livejournal cuz whats the point of having a livejournal if yore not gonna write in it? you know? otai then imma write in it.. so umm.. oh men! today was okay. I did alot of things.. well not really. Just same old same old. So anyway, 1st period was okay. I was late again because I had to talk to my band teacher. Second period was okay too. We were supposed to have a fire drill but it was cancelled. -tear- Third period is the best class ever! You could always find me laughing in that class. Fourth period was umm... okay. I love playing the bari even though it could be hard sometimes. Yeah! Fifth period was great! We had a substitute and those were on of the classes where I was laughing and singing a lot. They got kinda annoyed but you know what? cant hide singing! Sixth period was boring as usual.. just did a bunch of work. yup! well then right now, i am talking to three of my bestest best friend on AIM! I love them so much! And i love all my other friends! you guys rock my socks! well then bye bye! take care always! 143
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